Spring it On!

Giant pillow piles are the new black.
Weekend breakfasts are come as you are!
The title is also our staff bulletin board title, and it's just too cute, as well as apropos to the last week and the coming one! Honestly the weeks seem to be just flying by at a shocking rate. While I don't want time to go by too quickly, it is sort of promising for the post-spring-break-dragging-on phase that is April and May typically. It probably has something to do with having a great class this year. Still, it just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to do a fraction of the things I need or want to do.  The weekends of course go by at lightspeed, although I look forward to them so much, they can stress me out too - feeling like EVERYTHING has to be done, and not getting relax time.
I finally realized that Carolina is out of her terrible 1 1/2-2 phase, and we are the pleasant 2s now, not that they are ever perfect, but she's SOOOO much easier now. Life with a toddler (is she still a toddler?) has finally become routine, manageable, and definitely very fun. Liam just continues to grow taller and smarter and weirder by the second. I can't believe Kindergarten enrollment is in just a couple of weeks.
 The weather has been nicer mostly, at least nice enough for us to go on lots of long walks. It's been a really nice change from doing videos, I haven't even seen Jillian Michaels in probably 3 weeks! I'm looking forward to lots of outside time and playdates during spring break - we'll just have to cross our fingers that the sun and 60s sticks around. It looks like we'll be going on a mini getaway, so that's something to look forward to, and the arm-length list of To-Do's I always have for myself. But if it's spring break time, we are on the downhill slope for sure! Unless I get summer school.... still though, can it be that summer isn't too far away?!

Map My Walk app - when I remember
to start, and stop it on time!

Signs of spring!

I can't get enough of my mantle - so glad to have one still!

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