Rainy Days & Mondays

We are all feeling kind of  "down" today - it's UBER rainy, and it's Monday. Typically I don't mind Monday's all that much, but the kids were wild (both mine, and the students) probably because we've all been cooped up for the last several days - plus I am tired, plus I have a headache, plus I worked on the budget today (always a depressing time). It's going to be a long week I think. Of course I say that, but I thought it about last week too, and it just flew by! Only 3 weeks till spring break now :) So until then, here are a few reminders of the sunny days we had last week, and many more sunny days to come:

As much of a bummer as today was, the weekend was great! We were quite busy, and none of it other than going to the Trader Joe's opening, was pre-planned - impromptu get-togethers are sometimes even more fun! We all left work early on Friday, and got to Boise about 3:30, Trader Joe's was pretty nuts, but the check-out lines weren't bad, and we're used to Disneyland - so it couldn't be any worse than that! We loaded up on some great stuff, man we are so pumped to have one here! After that we hit up the Chick-fil-A on the way out of Boise, in case we got stuck in traffic, which we kind of did - but again, we've been to California, so we were good. On the way home we decided to rent a movie and invited Strawser's over - I made peanut butter popcorn, recipe to come, it was INSANE. Saturday was yuck weather, but the Michaelson's came over for dinner - a Trader Joe's cook out - and another movie. Sunday after church mom & dad invited us out to lunch, then Patrick came over for more Trader Joe's treats (their macarons are amazing) and the Oscars. So yeh, busy, but lots and lots of fun times had! How can next weekend possibly live up? Only the sunshine can take it up a notch I'm thinking.

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