Pin of the Week: Fluffernutter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Fluffernutter Chocolate Chip Bars - Gooey, chewy, and a new family favorite! #dessert #blondies #peanutbutter
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Another potluck, another Pinterest recipe. Do you notice how I always choose to make desserts? To my own detriment of course. I ate two of these cookie bars the night I made them, one to see if they were good - discovered they were too underbaked, had to stick them back in the oven, and then... eat another of course. These are just sugar, sugar, and more sugar - and I had a serious headache afterwards. So be forewarned. They are GOOD, but seriously dangerous. I loved the marshmallow in them, but it was extremely hard to stop eating them. The pan was cleaned out by the end of the day... literally, someone ate the last one and then cleaned the pan for me. It was nice :) Here's the pin... if you dare!
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