Much ado [then] nothing...

After of the doctors, and medicines, and crazy sickness (plus a little more from Liam's end) that began our spring break had passed, what we were left with was the sleepiest, laziest, most uninteresting spring break I think I've ever had. I think we ended up having to pass up on all but one of the plans we had made beforehand. We had hoped to get out of the house while we were in recovery and do something like the Zoo, but the weather was pretty crummy, so that was also foiled. Plans to clean, or go, or do, pretty much didn't happen. I did manage to do some good spring shopping for the kids, mostly online; and do a couple of fun things here and there like go out for ice cream, yogurt, and dinners - which is one of our favorite things, and go to Trader Joe's, hang out with mom a good bit, pick some daffodils; and I got a couple of smaller projects done like getting the car seat fixed, putting some stuff on ebay, aaaannnd... maybe that was it? Lots of resting and vegging did happen. Not entirely a bad thing, just different for me. The kid's took turns being very well behaved and playing sweetly together and yelling, hitting, fighting. Generally they really can play very nicely together, and it just melts my heart. But Carolina has been a bit of a bear since her sickness, and is not quite as agreeable as her typical disagreeableness.
But what spring break really was, was a mean joke - even though we were stuck indoors mostly, it gave us a taste of summer freedom  - watching the Today show, staying up late, generally doing whatever-whenever we wanted, with still 2 months of work left... or more, depending. I was worried about going back Monday, but it was fine. The kids were happy to be back, and very well behaved, I was busy and the day went by fast. I'm going to be fine at least until May, then it's going to be like pulling teeth! But with summer in our sights we're working on cracking down on the diet and exercise, especially after our vacation from all of that. We were doing great on family walks, but last week we didn't get much in. I finally made myself do a Jillian video and I'm stinking sore today! I was going to workout every weekday this week, but I think I need to take the day off and try to recover before I go back at it. Blah blah blah, I'm just rambling. And without even any pictures of the kids to show, because they'd be pretty much as boring as our week was ;)
I'm just hoping we got the next 6 months worth of doctor's visits and illnesses out of our system all at once and we'll be good to go for a while!
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