Hooray for an Extra Day!

Ugh - what a difference an extra day makes! A three-day weekend, feels like a real vacation sometimes :) 
Friday, Valentine's Day, it was quite dreary out, but Todd got home early so we could get the kids and take them to see Grandma at work, then pick up our traditional heart-pizza for dinner. We had a little picnic on the living room floor and watched a new kids movie. We had lots of special treats for dessert too - it was a really fun and relaxing family evening, just loving each other. Todd and I didn't mind one bit that we weren't going out on a fancy date that night.

Saturday the weather was kind of yuck early in the day, so we did a lot of laying around and relaxing, a little shopping, before Steve and Linda took us out to dinner, and then sent us off on a date with movie tickets and took the kids to sleep over at their house. We ended up out with the Michaelson's, and basically went home with them after the movie where we played games and talked until 2 am! It was a real treat, we certainly don't get to do that with them often. And even better, was that there were no consequences to staying up late, because we could sleep in, which we did of course! 
Sunday is usually one of my least favorite days, it's so busy - breakfast, baths, clothes, church, lunch, and then chores and errands until dinner, then grading after that. BUT, with no school/work the next day - the whole day is different - we can actually rest on the day of rest! Todd and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous morning weather and headed off to Boise for a nice just-the-two-of-us breakfast. It ended up being more of a progressive breakfast... a pastry here, a coffee there, doughnuts another place, etc. Kind of an adventure :) Then we went and got the kids, and after Lina's nap went for a family walk to feed the ducks and get some fresh air and sunshine. Such a nice day.
Monday was a little more hectic, since now it was the day before work - so it was quite busy - errands, lots of chores, a haircut, taking down Christmas lights, working in the yard, getting ready for the week - and thankfully another walk, where we got downright sweaty out in the sun. It was quite a wonderful tease. The weather is suppose to cool off a little, and get cloudy again, but it's all right because we had the sun for the weekend! Another bonus of a long weekend is that now there's only 3 days of work (today was an inservice day for us teachers) left! 
And now the spring break count down begins - only 4.5 weeks!

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