BirthDAY pics!

Liam had a very good birthday - we started out with scones I'd made and a few birthday presents he could wear to school, and off he went with his treats. But the funny thing was that because a lot of it was a surprise in the afternoon, and therefore out of routine, he didn't adjust to all the surprises as smoothly as we might have thought. For example, he was very confused that it wasn't Nana picking him up from school, and he wasn't sure he wanted to go to lunch and movie with Todd, over going to Nana and Poppa's house. Then when he and Todd got home, Liam didn't jump at the chance to go to Target and pick out a toy with me (and an Icee) - he was thinking he'd be relaxing at home. It all worked out though, and in the end I think I enjoyed being treated so much and being the center of attention. So although it was a pretty big day for him, we really only took any pictures during present opening (I think some family members have some pictures of him in the sombrero at dinner, hint hint). Nothing super special about these snapshots - I didn't even edit or crop them :)

His reactions were priceless, everything was "Awesome!" He sounded like such a big kid.

He was told to close his eyes for a surprise, the hands out was his own addition. I'd love to know what he thought he was going to get.

 I was happy with the decision to relax back a bit on the big birthday shin-digs, I'm sure I'll do a themed one again (the Star Wars cupcake wrappers are ready and waiting), but I really like the concept of changing up what we do from year to year :) Thanks to everybody for coming or calling Liam on his special day!

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