The rest of the holidays...

Time to finish up the rest of the holidays pictures by cleaning out my phone :) I apologize for the quality of my pictures/posts/all things blog related lately... you just get what you get I guess.

The kids became totally addicted to Christmas movies this year, Carolina is far better at watching movies than Liam was at this age... she actually pays attention and gets what's happening whether it's cartoon or live action. The Grinch was definitely her favorite, but they both loooved Home Alone (and yes, we did watch it one more time yesterday, I just couldn't say no). Relaxing by the fire with a cozy blanket, a snack, a movie, and a dada is about as good as it gets (especially for the dada).

 These crazy twinners were just adorable together, they (ie. Carolina) got along much better this time, they had their moments, but for the most part it was pure fun. 

 Here's a blurry Christmas morning shot... headed to Grandma's house after getting our Santa gifts. The kiddos got so used to waking up late (like 9!), they had to be woken up for Christmas, and weren't too happy about it - ha. 

It was a gorgeous morning though.

Somewhat-more-awake children by the tree.

 Moving on from Christmas, we spent a few days in McCall  - there was lots of snow, although we never saw it fall - but this is a great shot of the ice crystals on the car window. 

Carolina, who normally loves the snow, was so not into this trip - go figure - this is the one time she decided to enjoy it, by making snow angels :)

 There were several good sledding hills to enjoy, but this was the biggest - Liam's first time down it scared him, and he had a tough time deciding to go down again, but he eventually did and had a better experience!

This is Lina and I walking on the frozen Payette Lake, right before Carolina took off on her own, slipped, bruised her bottom, then threw a royal fit demanding to go home which involved her taking off her boots and mittens and standing in the snow in protest... of being... in the... snow.

This was Liam's favorite - being pulled in the sled when we went anywhere.

Trekking back up a sledding hill.

Two crazy girls... "Owivia - come pway with me!" "Car-wina, where are you?"
 This was totally unprompted and totally adorable.

And skipping a head two a couple random shots from New Years Eve - 19 people, a rather large group - but the kids LOVED having their own table, and now they want this anytime friends are over. After the boys went off to play, Carolina just went around eating off of everybody's plate.

 We had way more food than we could possibly eat, which in a way is good because the oven shot sparks and died a quick death in the middle of baking pizzas. Yep. That's like the 8th thing to break/die on us in the last couple of months. I still haven't decided if I want to fix it or get a new one. I really to to pick though because dinner is slightly more difficult without it.

I gotta say, I'm pretty depressed that the holidays are over. They went soooo fast. The pre-holidays are so busy with always making something, baking something, going somewhere, shopping, visiting, wrapping, prepping.... and then you're lucky if you get to set down and enjoy it for a second. Then it's over. Boo. There were still a couple of Christmas movies I didn't even get to watch! January feels so empty with suddenly so much un-filled time on my hands, and bare mantles and corners where there used to be pretty decorations. I'm still mourning the loss of my tree to be honest, although Todd is still hanging on to his upstairs one. Ah well, time to move on and work on those New Years Resolutions, only 10 more months till I can get out my Christmas music again.

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