Pin of the Week: Homemade Funfetti (Ice Cream) Cake

Since I wasn't throwing Liam a typical birthday party, I knew I wanted to make sure he had a cake that he really wanted and would like. So I showed him a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and he picked this funfetti ice cream cake, after I read the recipe I decided I wanted it to make it a bit more homemade (I like box mix cakes alright, but pre-made frosting is gross to me). A little more searching and I found this recipe for homemade funfetti cake. This funfetti cake was delicious - we had to slice the top off to even it out, and Todd and I gobbled it up and debated taking more. I wish I had kept one cake plain, and I could have since I made 2 cakes because I was concerned that one cake wouldn't be enough (even though it was just the 10 of us, immediate family) - which was dumb as I am now sitting here with one and a half ice cream cakes - rock hard, which I do not want to eat.
Just so you know I adjusted few things along the way, but I don't think I'll detail it because all-in-all I wouldn't make an ice cream cake again, but I would make the funfetti cake and frosting again. The ice cream cake was hard to layer with the cookie crumbs and fudge, it made a huge mess when I was spreading melted ice cream, made another huge mess when I took it out of the mold, and made an even bigger mess when I tried to frost a melting ice cream cake, plus the cake party was super hard after freezing and the whole thing was a pain to cut! Next time, I'm going to Baskin Robbins for my ice cream cake fix. Period.

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