Pin of the Week: Homemade Coffee Creamer

This is a quick one, it recently came to my attention (well in the last year or so) that coffee creamer contains no actual cream, and is actually quite bad for you. I LOVE my coconut creme creamer, it's my favorite, and while I may not be able to stay away from it for long I'm trying to get Todd and I hooked on a more basic, less chemically (not necessarily less calories) coffee creamer.
I found this really easy recipe on my college friend Jennie's blog, and gave it a try, just storing it in a mason jar - we, especially Todd, really like it. So here ya go, if it interests you :) Homemade Coffee Creamer pin 

If you want to know, and not that I'm preaching or judging... here are some articles on coffee creamer (not scientific research, just some facts and opinions)...
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