My Luckiest Day Ever

Or so Liam refers to it as...
The kids are very blessed to get a good chunk of money for Christmas, and Liam finally realized this year what he had (as it was in cash, not checks) and he was beyond excited out it. You think that adults are the only ones that want money (ie. Todd), but no, Liam was most pleased with that gift. I put the majority in their savings accounts, but kept out $15 per kid and took them to Target. Good gravy, you would've thought that this was Christmas, Liam was so excited, thus the phrase "This is my luckiest day ever!" was born. I didn't rush them or guide them to what I wanted them to have, I only told him which items were affordable and which were not, and just let them enjoy themselves. They did a really good job - Liam carried several items around but happily settled on a pretty cool dragon toy, and Carolina found a veterinarian kit toy (puppy included) that they both have played with a ton already. It was quite fun for all of us I think!
Liam was more than happy to help Carolina pick out her toy as well.

Carolina doesn't look quite as happy as Liam, but that's because she didn't want to stop looking at toys to take a picture.


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