Going, going, gone... [January]

And honestly, I'm not sorry about it one bit. This has been an icky yucky foggy smoggy cold and-its-getting-OLD month. I think we saw the sun for about 2 days - and they were wonderful - we went for a walk without coats on and everything. The rest of the time it's been a little snowy, but definitely cold and ALL clouds ALL the time. Inversion city. It's got us all feeling a little blue. Well, that and the bombardment of expensive replacements/fixes we've had over the last couple of months. It's been rather stressful, and making us just feel sort of like becoming couch people - which actually I'm not feeling too guilty about. I barely watched TV for the last several months, and it kind of feels good to "come down" from the hype/busyness and just enjoy relaxing without guilt about it! (We still work out though, thank goodness we aren't that far gone yet.) But this week we are looking forward to having a birthday party, and then saying goodbye to January, just one step closer to spring!
Still can't believe 5 is happening! Todd and I were married for 5 years before we had him, and that felt like way longer than the last 5 years with him! :) This year we are skipping the usual themed up and "fancy" party - if you can call my parties "fancy"? But we are going to do a whole birthday day with him - he doesn't know it yet, really - and it's kind of hard because he keeps saying things about his party and who he's going to invite etc. and I have to keep telling him no. We'll probably have a special breakfast and let him open a few presents in the morning then take treats to school - but Todd will get off early to pick him up, take him to lunch and a movie, then when I get home I'll take him to pick out a new toy (since that's his new favorite thing), and we'll meet up with family at his favorite restaurant Chapala's - then back home for a cake he picked out and presents. On the weekend, we'll get him a playdate with his friend and do some fun stuff then too. I hope it will be a special day of surprises. 
Having fun with the little bit of snow we had.

Looking for fun indoors, the rest of the time.

Such a big girl, she loves taking baths and brushing her teeth.

Just love this pic of our girl, what a beauty.

One of the two days it was nice enough to be outdoors - boys being boys.

Sleepy girl in the car - in her jammies because she threw a fit about getting dressed. Oh well.

And a treat for you - Carolina singing in the shower bathtub.
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