Christmas Catch-All

This break has flown by and I'm somewhat sad to say that I have very few pictures to show for it, "somewhat" because it was kind of nice to take a break from my camera and the computer, but on the other hand there's not a lot to keep for posterity! Oh well, hopefully my mom got some... 'cause I only took ONE from our Knight Christmas on the 21st... and here it is:
Liam was really stoked... really. Carolina on the other hand had a meltdown before we'd opened a single thing, or even eaten breakfast. And the solution was apparently, fruit snacks. 45 minutes of screaming and fits, and a fruit snack ends it. 2 year olds, am I right? We really enjoyed the short time we had with Granny and Tessa, and Carolina & GG reunited as immediate BFFs - to the point of Carolina adopting a southern accept, which was hilarious while it lasted, but is already gone.

On Christmas day we were with the McConnels, the kids knew exactly what to do! Stockings were a big hit.
 So was all of the Disney Infinity that Liam (and Todd) got.
 Carolina's favorite gift was her kitty cat.
 Oh siblings... 
 Santa brought Liam this bow and arrow, and he quite likes it :)
It was hard to believe that Christmas had come, and now it's hard to believe it's gone! 

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