Babes in Disneyland

During the holidays I did a little bit of Disneyland blogging...

Season 3 Premiere of Jake and the Neverland Pirates - I, I mean we, are HUGE Disney Junior fans... I really love their shows. I would be fine to never set eyes upon PBS or Nickelodeon again, sorry but you know I'm a snob.

Disneyland Baking Guide - I was asked to compile all of the Disneyland baked goods recipes into a reference page, kind of handy.

Ask the Disney Experts: Best Reason to Visit the Resort during the Holidays - Easy and fun round-up... even though I didn't get to go, it's not hard for me to tell you why I love it.

Disney at Home: Disneyland's Gingerbread Recipe - This recipe was an exciting find! I love Disneyland's gingerbread, and it is shockingly easy - the hardest part is the rolling out and cutting. This recipe is a forever-keeper.(But sadly I'm out of new recipes to try... not that I could anyway with a busted oven!)

Holiday Gift Picks: Red Wagon Baby Clothing - I got the amazing opportunity to try out products from a child clothing company, and they sent us the cutest little dress for Carolina, I'm very impressed!

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