This kid. Am I right? Five years sure do know how to hurry! What a sweet, adorable, precious baby he was. What great memories I have of that first day - I know there were some hard/frustrating things, but I don't really remember them now. I probably have said this, but when he was a baby it felt like he would always be a baby - it seemed impossible and just wrong to imagine him as a big kid. Well, I guess it's official. 5 is a huge year, he's truly out of toddlerhood at this point - clothes shopping in the boys section only (not the baby/toddler section), getting into things like superheros and ninja turtles, being pretty much totally self-sufficient (getting dressed, bathroom, chores, feeding himself on his own!) oh, and I may have mentioned going to kindergarten.

 Liam has such a bright spirit and smile. He's a people-loving person, very outgoing, friendly, talkative, helpful, caring, with some sillycrazyweird thrown in for sure. He wants nothing more than to just play with his friends (or grandparents, or dad) and have some FUN! He likes to stay busy - always asking where we are going, what we are doing, or who is coming over.  He isn't perfect, but as far as kids go he's so well behaved and polite - after some of the days I have at work, it's nice to come home to an easy, obedient, good-spirited child.

A quick 5-year update:
height - 44.5 inches (90th %ile!)
weight - 47.4 lbs. (95th %ile! - and not a bit of chub on him)
size - shirts: size 6, or small; pants: size 6; shoes: size 11-12
sleeping - 7:30pm (or later) to 7:00 am (or later) - he doesn't leave his room until the clock says 7.
eating - although he is a super slow weater, he's not nearly as picky as he used to be, and will usually try at least one bite of anything without a fuss, although sweets (and soda) are his favorite
playing - iPad and Disney Infinity (video games) have taken over as the "toy" of choice, but cars are still at the top, although he'll play anything his sister is playing, as long as she's playing nice

Pardon the crunching & munching...
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