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I know I've been sadly lacking on pictures of the kids and updates on them and just general life... so here comes a random post where I clean out the phone photos (which I realize are not good) and try to think of tidbits to share... :)
Liam had a sleepover with Mom and Dad - for no other reason than because he looked so cute I just wanted him to :)
A typical Carolina meltdown - unfortunately in an atypical place, she's usually happy in Target.
The Michael W. Smith concert at NNU was pretty amazing - we even had a iPhone "lighters" going.
A gorgeous fall day in Downtown Boise - one of our favorite places.
Todd worked late and the kids and I were stuck all evening fixing the dead car battery - so we treated ourselves to yogurt.
These two - they are either thick as thieves or screaming bloody murder at one another. The other day when Liam was gone overnight and returned in the morning - Lina gave him a huge hug and said "Liam, I so glad you are back!"
Watching "Elf" and having a Christmasy meal of crackers, cheese, & sausage as a picnic - Ripley especially liked this idea.
Best drink - half a Starbucks bottle of dark chocolate peppermint frappucino, half milk, and peppermint cool whip on top!  
Typical Idaho scene.
I know it's a terrible picture - but if you can just see her little legs - I love how she crosses them to relax (watching "The Crunch" - or "The Grinch" to you and me.)

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