Pin of the Week: Monte Cristo Roll-Ups

I'm rather Disney-obsessed this week.. so the Pin I chose to test out were of course the Monte Cristo Roll-Ups. I was expecting a failure, as they kind of came apart while they baked and cheese and jelly leaked all over the place - but oh no, these were gooood. I love the Disneyland version - but man is it rich! Eating half of one will put me over the edge, truly. But these I could eat loads of (is that a good thing though?). Super easy and fast - not necessarily healthy, but not the worst thing, especially if you use the lower fat crescent rolls - and good if you're wanting to splurge, because it totally tastes like one.
The recipe only makes 4 roll-ups, so keep that in mind... one batch wasn't quite enough for Todd and I, and definitely not for the kids - next time I'd made two batches. Also I did grape jelly in two, and orange marmalade in two and preferred the orange surprisingly.
Here's the link!
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