I love the last week of school before Christmas break for so many reasons, but mostly because the gifts start rolling in ;) I always get sweet and sometimes funny gifts from my students, and neat gifts from my co-workers, but this year I got a few more gifts than I counted on!
I got a pretty neat gift from my "blog boss" Lisa, but of course the best gift to the kids, is the box and oh did they enjoy it :)

I got a gift from my parents of a fresh, and enormous, gingerbread man from Disneyland (hello, delicious breakfast).

I got this oh-so-adorable gift of  a handmade java jacket with a Starbucks cup! I love it to pieces.

We got a gift from Mother Nature of a beautiful winter wonderland outside, it's cold but man is it worth it!
Granny brought me back this book I gave her last Christmas - all filled in - I've only got through about 3 pages, but I'm loving it!
I don't have a picture of this, but I also got a special gift from Liam - he was supposed to have his Pre-School Christmas program last night, but sadly he has come down with some crud that's killing his throat and giving him a fever, and we were unable to go :( BUT he started feeling well after some meds finally kicked in and he did his entire program for us at home, plus some encores! It was so good, and special, and wonderful - it helped that he got a lot of applause and kudos :)
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