First Snow + Christmas Ready

We finally got most of the house decorated including our enormous tree - I mean, it's enormous... it doesn't look like it really, and definitely doesn't photograph as lovely as it really is, but it sure is nice to sit by. We still have to finish the upstairs tree and then I can start in on the wrapping :)

Temperatures have been frigid here the last week or so - like into the negatives, it seems wayyy too early for this weather - but it's here! If it's going to be this cold at least it snowed! It was gorgeous to watch fall, and looks lovely on everything, although because it's still so cold it's really not melting off the roads or anything, so they are pretty slick, but we're careful. I didn't get any pictures of our house last year after the snow, so I ran right out and got some this time before it was gone. I love the way a house looks when it's covered with snow (ignore the trash can).

The kids were ready to get right out into it - keep in mind it was in the teens at this point - they certainly lasted a lot longer than I thought they would, longer than they did last year, and they really had a great time. I went out long enough to take some pictures and videos, and Todd was out to throw snowballs for about 3 minutes, then we came in and watched from behind windows and doors.

Then we had to have some hot chocolate (this was white peppermint hot choc) - and if I take a picture of Liam then Lina asks for a picture too.. and vice versa.

 We woke up yesterday morning to a freezing house, and the temp kept dropping throughout the morning - until we had to give in and call a repairman. At least it was only a new thermostat that we needed and nothing to do with the furnace... but still... just one more thing we've got to pay for. And since that threw our schedule/plan for the day off we didn't make it to the Living Christmas Tree - if it works out we may try to take the kids tonight, if not then at least Todd and I got to see most of it when we worked as greeters/ushers the other night.
Not a lot of blogging going on lately - mostly lots of staying on top of Christmas projects, decorating, cleaning up after both. Also not a lot of baking or cooking - trying to eat healthy as possible (not going all that well with mysteriously appearing holiday treats) and clean out the pantry as much as possible. I did try one recipe but it was a flop - but I've got another one in the works.
School is pretty fun this time of year, but the kids get rowdier the closwer Christmas gets and the days seem to last forever - I'm so glad there are only 2 weeks left!

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