Babes in Disneyland

I got into a groove with my writing for Babes in Disneyland and cranked a bunch out, plus I have like 4 more in the works for before the month is up - yay me!

Ask the Disney Expert: Favorite Holiday Treat - Spoiler Alert, mine is the gingerbread - but there are oh-so-many to choose from!

Merchandise Monday: December Edition - Gosh darnit, there are SO many cute things out for the holidays right now. I can't wait until I can be there again at Christmas!

Disney at Home: Banyan Beef Skewer Recipe - This is a recipe we've been making for years, so it's kinda funny I'm only now getting around to posting about it on BiD.

App Review: Sofia the First - The Floating Palace - Love it when we get free apps to test out - especially nice when we're stuck inside because of NEGATIVE temps.

New Animated Series - "Sheriff Callie's Wild West" on Disney Junior - Our kids almost exclusively watch Disney Junior, so we're kind of excited about a cute new show.

Ask the Disney Expert: Favorite Thing About Disneyland at Christmastime - There are just so many amazing things to do/see/eat at Disneyland right now... I won't spoil you this time.

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Top 10 Places to Take Holiday Photos - This is actually a repost of a blog from last year - we had to change one of the places because it closed, and filled it in with a new one. So.. new list!

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