We are alive!

Yes, we are alive and well (knockonwood) - we are just BUSY! I'm not exactly sure what with - but I do know I am extremely lucky if I get to sit down to a Hallmark Christmas movie without anything to work on during it. I'm not even sure we had a weekend, I think it was just a really long week and today is Friday. Hooray for 5 days off (4 for Todd)! Here are just a few things, for now...

1- The biggest thing is Todd's job change - not by his choice - his superiors shut down his job, and the jobs of his whole team, and assigned them all new jobs within Health & Welfare. It is good for all of us that he has a job (while others are getting pink slips) - but not good for Todd's happiness and job fulfillment. Pray  for peace and guidance for him.
2 - I am still sick - ever since Parent-Teacher Conferences - I have this awful cough that won't let go of me, although the rest of me feels fine. I hope it goes away and soon, and doesn't spread to anybody else. Plus I'm super-stressing over Christmas... stupid. I'm trying to relax, but it just feels like there are 428 things on my list and I never get a single one checked off no matter how hard I try.
3 - Liam is learning a ton at preschool - my conference with his teacher went well. They are really teaching them so much there, and Liam is being a good boy (that is until this week when all the boys decided wrestling was OK, and he had a consequence).
4 - Carolina is having fits... what's new? Apparently she only does this at home. Lots of screaming, arguing, hitting, and lots of time-outs. She says her "teeth feel wrong" - I did notice another bottom one is coming in, and twice she has complained of tummy-aches... so hopefully it's just that, and it will eventually subside. What a Crabby-Abby.
5 - I've been taking ZERO pictures - sorry.
6 - Our Christmas lights are up and finally working - hooray!
7 - We have a new car battery after the old one died, thankfully in mom and dad's driveway.
8 - We have a new kitchen sink faucet after the old one broke (Dad makes a great handyman).
9 - Oh, and also the couch is broken - that'll be the next new thing we get I suppose.
10 - I am bucking salad-tradition and making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving this year - 20 pounds of them to be precise. That should be interesting

Ok - that'll do for now, I do have a Pin of the Week for tomorrow - it's a good one.
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