Trick or Treat!

Say hello to little Luke and Leia. Our last minute costume switch turned out to be pretty cute. I think it was the Force that ripped our bedsheet and left me with lots of white fabric to do something with...

The kids were going  to be a black cat and black bat - but I was procrastinating (figuring out) making a bat costume... then the bed sheet ripped and we learned that Owen was going to be Darth Vadar, and a tunic and dress took shape in a very short amount of time. Other than ribbon for Lina's dress - the costumes were free - we had everything else!

How could these two not have a light saber battle?

They made a very cute little group of trick-or-treaters (Oh, and I did spend some money to make the treat bags, less than $8 to make all three). We hit up more houses than we've ever attempted before, and we were just about the first ones out - it was weird being out during light, but it was 6:30, and the kids' bedtime is 7:30 - so what do you do?!
Annnnd just after this picture was taken, I knocked Todd's phone out of his hand and it shattered into about 34,285 pieces. :(

But this is cute... not as cute as "smooky" though (as in "smooky ghost!), wish I had that on video!
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