Pin of the Week: Quinoa Fried "Rice"

I've set aside the dessert recipes for a while - and tried to focus on more healthy breakfasts and dinners - as well as inexpensive ones... ie. using stuff we already have in the house and really cleaning out the pantry/fridge (the grocery budget is my mortal enemy).
So after perusing the contents of my kitchen and my Pinterest boards I found a quinoa-based breakfast and dinner meal that we had all the ingredients for and decided to give them a go. The breakfast was bleh, I ate it, but wouldn't make it again and wouldn't recommend it. However, the dinner was great! It's Quinoa Fried "Rice" - the name is ridiculous, but I can't think of a better one - Fried Quinoa just sounds weird. I got the idea from here, but the recipe I followed is basically this one.
I made a whole bunch of quinoa the night before, and was going to crockpot some chicken so that step would be done as well, but then Mom brought over some extra pulled pork she intended for BBQ, and this meal became pork fried "rice" in a hearbeat! One recipe made enough for our dinner and a box for Todd's lunch, The kid's ate some, and didn't really complain, but definitely didn't finish either. So with quite a bit of bare pre-made quinoa left, I just went ahead and made another "fried" batch for our lunches for the rest of the week. The only changes I made to the recipe were to use quinoa instead of rice (obvi), doubled the recipe, then double the eggs, and add edamame as well as the frozen pea/carrot mixture, considered frozen brocolli too since we had it but decided to save it for another meal. We didn't add onions, of course, so I added onion powder. I'm super excited about this meal - with the quinoa and meat pre-made, this dinner takes literally 15 to make from start to finish. Crazy fast, filling, and yummy!


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