Year Two in Review

I'm deep in party prep right now guys.. it's coming together, but I'm just a little busy. So finally, a found some time to get together round-up a some of my favorite pictures of Carolina over the last (second) year of her life!
October 2012: First Birthday!

November 2012: Squeezing into the basket, a favorite pastime.

December 2012: Trying to get family pictures in the freezing cold, Carolina is actually screaming not smiling.
January 2013: Stealing the show at Liam's birthday party.

February 2013: Sweet siblings

March 2013: Vacation naps in the car with bunny and eagle.

April 2013: Sleepy-silliness

May 2013: Playing goalie after brother's soccer game

June 2013: Cool chic in the car

July 2013: Festive Fourth of July girl!

August 2013: Piles of blankets, and she's still cold.

September 2013: Big girl using the potty (and future blackmail)

October 2013: Big two-year-old girl!
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