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It feels like we've been going full speed ahead for the last month, and I am tired. We had a couple of sicknesses, plenty of work for Todd and I, family in town, projects, endless chores and errands, and just STUFF - I mean, stuff we plan or agree to, but you know, stuff that can just wear you out. When does it slow down? Oh yeh, about February. Only 67 days until Christmas!

 The Cavanaughs came over for some playtime and snacks - they were really into picking tomatoes in the garden (this was before the garden died from cold weather).

 On Carolina's actual birthday I bought a jumbo cupcake from Fred Meyer, which really made the perfect mini cake - it was tasty! And messy.

We've been pretty sugared up for the last couple of weeks, the kids are pretty happy about all the treat leftovers, I'll be happy when they're gone!

 These two really can play so nicely together when they want to, it's adorable. Liam is so helpful to Carolina and he tries to teach her everything he knows.

I love that Idaho has animals like this all over the place. Do you know that some kids from cities have never seen a cow in real life. So weird.

Well that's that, I'm about cleaned out now. Looking forward to a restful weekend with nothing on the docket but Liam's last soccer game!
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