Pin of the Week: Curried Butternut Squash Soup

 This is another one of Jeran's recipes - I've had it saved for a while, but been too chicken to try my own hand at making it. I've eaten it before and knew it was really good, though, and when I tried roasting a squash to eat, but didn't love it - I popped it in the fridge to save for turning into soup! Oh I love this soup - Todd doesn't - and I didn't even try it on the kids (Lina might have liked it but...) - I ate the whole pot all by myself  over the course of 4 days - lunch/dinner. The squash takes time to roast, so it actually worked out well that I had it already roasted earlier and then it was ready to go when I did the apples/onions/celery for the rest of the soup. So it probably took a couple of hours altogether to make - but it was easy. Squash roasting for an hour, sauteing other ingredients - probably the most "work" but not really hard, then just simmering the whole pot for a half hour before using my immersion blender on it. If I'd had chicken to add in, I would have, but decided that pepitas were my absolute favorite topping. Yum, yum, YUM! Here's the link!

P.S. Happy Halloween - pictures of our little trick-or-treaters tomorrow!
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