Home in Autumn

 I love fall - LOVE! The weather, the temperature, the colors, the promise of holidays just around the corner. I love decorating for it too! It's nothing super special, but you know... just for fun - AND because Jeran might strangle me if I never got around to sharing some of my Pasadena Flea Market finds. I only got a few things - but that fall paint-by-number on the mantle (birch trees, colorful leaves, and pheasants by a creek) is kind of a show-stopper in my opinion! Another pick-up was the wire-basket on the hearth - which is full of pine cones at the moment.
painting, old books, wedding lantern, odds and ends
I so love having a fireplace to decorate!
It just feels a little cozier.

Like having this entry table too - had to get this fox for fall!
Free printable - click here

Definitely need our jackets in the mornings!
Pretty much how my kitchen looks all the time now - yes those are pumpkin cookies.
I'm a sucker for cute S&P shakers.
I had to cut myself off from buying more - but oh it was delicious while it lasted.

Basket full of fall Scentsys just waiting!

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