Fall Soccer Season

Liam's last game of the fall soccer season was on Saturday. The fall season certainly was more pleasant than the miserably cold spring one! The weather was great, and Liam was so much more confident and improved than last time as well. Really, it was obvious in all the kids that they were more mature and understood a bit more what to do and how to work as a team. Other than Luke, the whole team was made up of different kids - but we ended up knowing another set of parents (of the little girl) from college and it was fun to talk to them and see our kids play together. Liam started the season with a game, getting I think 7 goals that game. He sort of declined in motivation as the season went on - not sure what that was about - but on the last game he was back in form. I think overall he really enjoyed it - there were times when he got hurt or the other team was pushing or grabbing when he really didn't like it, but that's all part of the experience! He's pretty bummed it's going to be so long before he plays again!


Moments like these are a common - and yet still funny - occurrence.
Half time break.
Liam and Kate became quick friends.
Who knows what was being discussed here...

Fist-bumping Coach Coe.

Stealing that ball!


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