This is what Carolina calls them - she lays down on her back, puts her little hands behind her head and attempts the cutest version of a crunch you've ever seen. And says "eck-er-sizes, momma, eck-ersizes." Sometimes one or both kids will attempt to do them with me, or sometimes they try to do them on me.
It was so easy during the summer to get them done, most of the time I could do a video during Carolina's nap + a shower + a little more time to sit. There was also the pool and cool evenings to go for walks or jogs after the kids were in bed. Now there's no naptime, the pool is closed, and it's dark by 8. It's harder now, oh yeh. If I can get out early enough, heading to the greenbelt is my favorite - the weather is perfect anytime I want to go out this time of year - no iPod, no headphones - just outdoors. Although I do enjoy when I can walk with Jen or a friend, because that's quality girl-talk time right there! Although I figure I'm getting a better work-out with Jillian, since she's working isolated muscle groups and cardio in at the same time - rather than just, jogging, but being outside is so refreshing. I'm so lucky to live in a nice area, where I feel safe to go out alone, and is actually an enjoyable place to walk around, with the greenbelt being the first 5 minutes-walk away. Ducks, and creek, and shade trees, and lovely landscaping make it a pretty awesome place to exercise. I've definitely noticed a difference in my energy level, mood, and mental well-being (oh and weight) in the last few weeks when exercise has taken a back seat - it does all of me good when I make the time to squeeze it in!
Just a little rest to enjoy the moment of peace.
Greenbelt friends.
This guy looks sad, but he's got the life - this is the place to live if you're a duck!

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