Pin of the Week: Wildfire Sausage Meatballs

We had another football get-together for the Notre Dame game last weekend, and the idea of meatballs as football food is now lodged in my head. I wanted to make a sausage version, since my mom has something she makes at Christmas that's sort of like a sausage meatball and it's delicious. This recipe I actually found with Google and then pinned it.
It's so good.
It's so spicy!
 I'm still like, how can meatballs be this easy? But they were/are/will be - that's the good news!
Here's the link - I doubled the recipe for 6 adults, and used whatever spicy sausage was available. I also served them with this oven-roasted tomato sauce that I love (and probably talk about far too often) made entirely with ingredients from the garden!

 For dessert I tried a new pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe.... I keep waiting for the perfect one to come along - one that's going to blow all the others out of the water so that I know this is the best pumpkin cookie recipe. I'll say that this one tastes pretty much like the rest, but that's not to say it isn't good! Yes, it's good. Soft, cakey, good amount of spices. If you are looking for something like this - I can recommend it as a good option, for sure!

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