Pin of the Week: Cucumber Salad

Salad is one of my least favorite things to make (ironic, because that's usually what I get asked to make!) - I mean I like salad, but I just hate how it takes so many steps and ingredients (toppings) and you have to make a giant mess of grating, washing, chopping, slicing. I seriously make a bigger mess making a salad than a batch of cookies. That doesn't seem right.
Anywho THIS may be the easiest, least messy salad ever. Plus I love LOVE cucumbers, so I'm happy to use them any way I can.
As a side to our grilled hamburgers the other night (made with the In N Out copycat sauce recipe from this link) I made this cucumber salad to go with the french fries :) Yum! Warning though, it doesn't keep at all, so you gotta eat it all in one night - and this recipe made a bunch, but I'm sure halving it would be easy. Oh and also I didn't use onions (of course). OH and go easy on the Worcestershire, I don't think it needed quite as much as the recipe called for, but that may be just me. 

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