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Yet again, another phone purge of the random pictures I've collected lately...

I don't know what was happening here... maybe just cuteness...

And the dog, waiting ever so patiently...

We took advantage of a free visit to the Zoo for the Foster Care Picnic (Todd's work), we saw lots of things - but the dinosaurs definitely made the most impact. We were all tuckered out afterwards.

Ignore the crazy eyes I'm making - but note the darker hair. It's almost fall after all!

Steve's mums (I think these are mums) are in full bloom - one of the signs that summer is nearing an end, but they make a lovely surround for the pool.

Enjoying s'mores after a good swim, I like Lina's bathing-beauty pose.

It's a little cooler when you get out of the pool, than it used to be - even with 17 towels.

This guy's not upset about it...

I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my summer freedom - oh yeah, it doesn't matter if I'm ready - back I go!

Someone is ready to potty train!

I guess a late bedtime balances out when it's because you're reading.

Can you believe Liam is a preschooler? Even worse, can you believe next year he'll be a kindergartner?! So far, he really likes it and is adjusting well!

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