Babes in Disneyland

School is keeping me busy, busy, busy - I spend my evenings divided between exercise, chores, and school work... then more school work. It's been hard to find the time to blog (obvi) - but I squeezed in a few BiD posts, it's more therapeutic for me than anything I think :)

Top 5: Best Things about #HalloweenTime at the Disneyland Resort This was a fun one to write, it's been a few years since we were there at HalloweenTime, but I've been pining for it, and had a bunch of good pics and memories.

Disney at Home: Disneyland's Apple Cinnamon Muffin Recipe Had to make another recipe for the heck of it, and Apples + September seemed like a good combo. Baking is apparently my new hobby (all of the time).

Ask the Disney Experts: Favorite Spot to Relax in DCA I did another round-up of our (the writers) favorite spots to sit and relax in DCA, ours in the Animation building, hands down.

Merchandise Monday: September Events, Pins, and Beauty and the Beast Merch! And also squeezed in another Merchandise Monday post, I love getting these Merchandise magazines that give me some insight into what's happening in the parks - so fun!

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