The Pasadena [Rose Bowl] Flea Market (and coming home)

One of the things I was really hoping to get to do - and that I've been wanting to do for a long time - was the Pasadena Flea Market - Jeran's gone lots of times - and she was happy to take me with her. She warned me, by the end of it I'd be sweaty, hot, tired, dirty, and frustrated - sound fun, huh? Well that was accurate - but it was awesome. The only reason I was frustrated was because there were so many things I wanted and either didn't go back and get or couldn't find them when I went back. I cannot even describe how big this flea market its - I think we were there from about 8:30 - 12:30ish, and didn't have time to walk all the aisles, much less see everything they had to offer.

just one tiny piece of the craziness - before it even really got crazy!
this picture of me is gross - but that's how I felt - however you must see the cute basket, little wooden chairs, and the antique paint-by-numbers I picked up - I love them all!
 Even though we were already exhausted we decided to stop at Ikea in Burbank on our way back to Bakersfield - Todd, Liam, and Carolina met us - Lina was in a snit, but I managed to spend some money there anyways *sigh* I suppose it's good and bad that there isn't an Ikea closer.
One more stop at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (for the second time that day) before we settled into the car for our drive stop-and-go back north.

the Black Forest blended drink is the BEST!
 We spent one more night in Bakersfield and were up early to head back to Nampa... the kids slept lots more than they had going, but were also bored faster and Lina was definitely screamier (this probably would've gone better had we not been in the car so much the day before). All-in-all though I have to thank my lucky stars that I have kids that are such good travelers.

If you are ever driving through Bishop, California you must stop at Schat's Bakery -oh, so good!

I really could've stayed longer in California, but I probably would've run out of money before I was ready to go!

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