Spragues Visit!

We were so lucky to get to have the Spragues come and stay with us for 4 days last week, they were our college friends (my highschool friend), and our neighbors - twice! And they were our first house guests in our new home, and we were happy to have them! It worked out pretty well, Katie and Brian slept on the sofa bed upstairs - not super private, but at least it's enough space. The boys slept on the air mattress in Liam's room, which took up the whole floor - but I think they loved it. (Someday, when Lina's out of her crib, we'll bring back the full bed that used to be in our guest bed room, maybe get some bunk beds for Liam's room, and that will work better for company.)
Anyway, it's hard to believe they've been gone for three years already, and that we hadn't seen them in two years! Ethan is going to be in the second grade! And Lucas will be a kindergartner - crazy, he was just a baby when they moved to Washington! This was their first time meeting Carolina as well!
Katie had conferences at BSU all day, so Brian was busy with not 2, but 3 boys - since he let Liam tag along with them everywhere. We went to the pool alot, but he took them to the Warhawk Museum, BSU campus, MK Nature Center, the Zoo, and spoiled them all with lots of treats! (So the majority of these pictures are from Brian.)

3 boys jumping
one did a twisty jump...
then they all did the twisty jump

Carolina did her own thang.
Ethan would like everyone to see him surfing :)
It was chilly, but these kids don't care

MK Nature Center
Warhawk Museum
These poses are fabulous

Spoiled rotten, I tell you
Zoo day

Katie said the nicest thing on one of her picture captions, something about there's the family you are born with, and there's the family you choose (we are Ethan and Lucas' godparents) - but the funny thing is we do feel like family - the kids all got along really well, they acted like cousins who were just reacquainting themselves with each other - not (practically) strangers. But especially the boys, they just ran around like the 3 Musketeers all week long. Being together day and night, they didn't ever really get cranky with each other, just played and played and played. Todd and Brian got to see a movie together and Katie and I got to go on a few walks. We haven't done the best job of keeping in touch, other than reading each other's blogs, and we need to do better - but the best part was, it didn't feel like so much time had passed. It was easy and relaxed, and nice to just hang out and chill and talk. I am sad they are leaving, especially sad knowing we will never live in the same place again. Liam will probably be a cranker about it too(but thankfully he has his blood-cousins to look forward to in just a few days). I think we'll have to start making these visits an annual thing!

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