Pin of the Week: (Unbelievable) Lemon Brownies

 Happy August! ..if that's something to be happy about... :-/

FINALLY! A pin has turned out good after a bad streak, but not only good, unbelievable. The pin actually says that (not my caption), I'm always skeptical when they say things like that - but oh man, these are probably our family's new favorite treat, especially Todd. He loved the Tres Leches cake, and it's an amazing cake - but a leeetle more work, more expensive to make, and then I'm left with too many tempting leftovers. I love that this has so few ingredients, is fast, easy, pretty decadent so I can cut it into small square, but isn't chocolate. Although I would probably double the recipe if I was taking it for a potluck or something. 
Here's the link! Go make 'em!

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