Pin of the Week: No-Bake Cookie Bars

I debated about whether or not to post about this Pinterest find. I love no-bake cookies, and this appeared to be a somewhat healthier version (and easier too without the "dropping" of cookies). When they were done, I liked even loved the taste of them - I think they taste just the same, if not better. I even loved the addition of craisins, which I was skeptical about. But these bars are definitely different, maybe there is less oatmeal or the use of coconut oil, but they are super melty, and almost taste/seem more like a candy bar than a cookie bar. I learned that I have to keep them in the freezer to make it through eating one without getting a huge mess on my hands. But now that I know that, I LOVE them. I mean, they are delicious, super creamy and chocolatey-peanut buttery. I'm crossing my fingers that they *are* that much better for you than the original, or even than a candy bar, because there is no added sugar - other than what's in the honey and chocolate chips. Plus there's fiber - that evens things out right?
Well all in all, I call them a delicious success. Here's the link if you want to see for yourself!

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