Pin of the Week: Cookie Dough Brownies

We had a neighborhood BBQ at our little park last weekend - so far we haven't been able to participate in any neighborhood events (and they have them pretty regularly) - but we know we want to actually develop relationships with the people in our neighborhood since we plan on being here for a while. And then after church a couple of weeks ago - which was about being the witnesses we should be, sharing our faith with people in our neighborhoods or work circles - we knew we really needed to go (the funny thing was everyone there already knew each other because they go to the same ward - hah!). At any rate the kid's loved the bouncy house, and it was a good and fun experience. BUT, the point is that I had an opportunity to try a new pin! I had tried a new one for a white sheet cake for our anniversary, and it just came out OK... I mean it was good and we ate almost all of it... but I wasn't sure it was worth sharing. THIS one however, is!
I really wanted to make the peanut butter brownies with peanut butter frosting - but it was pretty involved - so I went with Cookie Dough Brownies, and it took me no more than 15 minutes of hands on time to get these ready to go!
Here's the pin! (Hint - it says use regular or mini chocolate chips - go with mini ones if you can, it will make spreading the frosting much easier!)
They turned out reallllly good - both the brownie part and the frosting part were super fast and easy to make - and the frosting really tasted like cookie dough! Todd has already requested I make them again (since we left the pan at the BBQ - no seconds!).
image via The Hub of Our Home
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