Ocean print

I took this picture at the beach in Carlsbad - in color it was lovely, but in black and white it's pretty stunning. I'm thinking I'd like to blow it up and hang it over my bed - it's $9 for a 20x30 at Costco or $40 for a 18x24 canvas print, it's a more expensive option, but on canvas I wouldn't have to frame it.. hmmm. 
 I played around with the picture in Publisher, which pretty much is terrible, but with lots of extra effort I have figured out how to turn pictures into prints with text. (There might be an easier way, I just don't know...)
I tried out a few different fonts with the word "peace". The sunlight shining through the clouds, off the water, and the beams of light coming down were/are just gorgeous. I sort of forget how much I love the beach when I'm away from it - but I remember the feeling of being at this beach, on that day - and how real, and simple, and peaceful everything felt. How calming the view and sounds were. Ahhh... I want to go back


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