Back-to-School Teacher (co-worker) Gifts

For some reason - probably because people are nice - there is a tradition of giving little gifts to your co-workers or teaching team when you head back to work. I didn't know about this my first year, and I felt so bad, every year since it's been top of my list of to-do's when getting ready to go back to school. When I found these adorable little bags in the Target dollar section, I knew they'd be perfect for stuffing with teacher treats. The funny thing was, it was within the next week that Jeran posted this article about using her Cricut machine to dress up these same bags! So I saved mine and took them to Cali with me so she could show me how to do it and I could use some of the cut-outs she had!
Then I stuffed them with little notebooks, pens, pencils, chocolate, gum, and some Starbucks Via - tied a tag onto each and look how cute they turned out! I was pretty happy with my little gift this year :)


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