Babes in Disneyland

Ask the Experts (which we were previous calling Writer Round-Up) This time I asked all the writers what their favorite Disneyland attraction to ride/see with kids was and why. Lots of great responses on this one.

Top 5: Ways to Entertain Your Tots While Traveling As you can imagine, this topic is on my mind since we are leaving IN 3 DAYS for California, and a 14 hour ride in the car is going to be in-ter-es-ting.

Save vs. Splurge on Kid's Meals in California Adventure I realized I hadn't ever purchased my kids a kid's meal in DCA, but I had to finish the series, so I did a loooot of menu research for this one to compare prices and options. It was fun work though!

Throwback Thursday This is my most recent one, we contributors all take turns coming up with an article or picture that's a Disney "throwback" - I went with the silhouettes my family has had made through the years - the oldest being mom and dad's :). Todd's and mine is there as well, pretty appropriate for our 10th anniversary coming up in two weeks.

Not my articles, but there are some other things you should check out - like the poster and trailer for Saving Mr. Banks - a movie that makes me want it to be Christmas so bad, more bad than I already want it to be Christmas! Also, there is a giveaway of the cutest Le Sportsac bags with a "it's a small world" print on them - ohhh, I want one, but YOU could win one! And, the blog is in the running for Top SoCal Mom Blog of the year, go and vote for us!

Oh! And did I mention that we're going to Disneyland.... ;)
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