About in San Diego (Carlsbad) at the Beach

So one of the days we were in San Diego (really Carlsbad, that's where we stayed at Jeran's brother's house), the guys took the kids while the girls shopped, the other day we took the babies so the guys and big kids could go to Legoland (that's for another post)! While we were shopping everyone else went to the beach, but we wanted to go too, so we all headed back there again that evening.
This is what ocean air does to her curls - whoa baby!

Jeran got a family shot that I'm hoping turns out ok, I tried but couldn't even get one of my two kids together! So selfie it is.
Chilly, but refreshing!

 Although Carolina had been very fussy that day, she was happy at the beach!

Carolina, having spent the whole day with her dad, and lots of time in general on this trip turned into quite the daddy's girl. 
"Dad, wook!"

 The views were just stunning...

Had to get our names in the sand!

 Liam was definitely a fan as well - although neither of my kids really wanted to get in the water in the evening, they were certainly happy to play in the sand and chase sea gulls.

And our little cousin-twins got plenty of play-time here as well.

I definitely could've used another day here, to go to the beach or farmer's market - or to actually head into San Diego, but at least I had enough time to get another mug!


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