About in Legoland

The second day of our San Diego time, the girls and babies went to the outlet mall while the guys and kid's headed to Legoland (Dyl has an annual pass). They really had a great time - Liam rode on everything that the group did and didn't have to be coerced into it - he's going to be so ready for Disneyland! Todd did a great job of getting lots of pictures... it looks like a really neat place, we'll have to go back some day with the whole family!

Liam and papa ready for the Claw ride!

apple fries - quite a treat!
Todd in Las Vegas, of course!

waiting in lines wasn't his favorite - thanks Logan for letting us borrow the hat!

Ugh, the giant refillable drink cup - I don't even want to think about how much soda he had.
creepy mummy

Denali was his favorite ride partner.
Digging for dinosaur bones.
And the piece de resistance...

We've never bought one of these pricey roller coaster pictures, but Todd picked this one up without a second thought. We all laughed till it hurt, and still do whenever we look at it. 
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