Sun Valley Getaway: Ketchum & The Sun Valley Resort

This sun is the symbol of Sun Valley.
While the 4th was a ton of fun, I think this was my favorite day because I really love Ketchum and the lodge/resort area of Sun Valley. We took a lot of pictures this day (as you will see), it's a mix of iPhone, Instagram, and DSLR. 
Basically, the day started out with smoothies for breakfast, a walk (yay!), then over to Sun Valley to wander the lodge, check out the ice-skating rink, take some pictures, and get a piece of candy from the Chocolate Foundry. 
Two hallways are full of pictures like this of celebrities,
dignitaries, and Olympians who have visited Sun Valley.
"Brotherly love" - also known as "what happens
when you only have one stroller."

The famous Sun Valley ice-skating rink.

Then we headed into Ketchum (which is like a 2 minute drive) to find some lunch and wander through the shops and get some coffee. It started out as a perfect clear-skied, sunny day, but as we were walking it got dark and rained a bit - thankfully it was short-lived and we passed the time in the best Starbucks ever! Once that was over, the skies cleared up again but the air was cooler and fresh and it was just beyond perfect. 

Carolina took a nap in her stroller, and my parents and Jen & Grant went to see a free movie "Serenade in Sun Valley" back at the Opera House on the resort. So we split up and our little family continued to walk around, got some of Toni's Sun Valley Ice Cream (passionfruit and malted milk - ohhh man), and then because that wasn't enough we shared a Bowl of Soul from Java, it was delicious - glad I can get these in Boise! 
At some point here Carolina woke up mad so we got in the car and were going to head back to the hotel, but figured she wasn't going to take another nap anyway, so we went back to Sun Valley to let the kids walk and run and enjoy the scenery, we discovered a little play area that we'd never seen before, and the kid's had a blast. 
That's a Carolina face for ya.
Liam and his pet caterpillar.
It really could not have been more perfect weather, very relaxing, delicious and fun!
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