Sun Valley Getaway: Hailey & The 4th!

 I tell you packing for 3 days is no different than packing for 10 days or 1 day, when you have two kids... it was insane the amount of stuff we had in the back of the car (it actually didn't all fit and my parents had to bring some!). But once on the road, with an eyeful of gorgeous scenery, I saw this on Facebook:

Pretty much perfect.
The drive is only 3 hours, super easy, and I'd kept Carolina up all day so that she would sleep - check! Liam actually napped as well. We were able to leave at about 3pm and got there just in time for dinner - but we had to check out the condo first, it was very nice, and had that real Sun Valley feel/decor. The kids loved the King bed (the four of us shared one room, that was... interesting, but mostly went well).

Maybe my favorite thing of the whole trip was getting to go on morning walk/jogs in the cool mountain air with all of this to look at:

There was a great walking/baking trail that rain around the whole Elkhorn Village area where we were staying.

We headed to the town of Hailey (about 15 minutes before you get to Ketchum) for all of the 4th of July festivities - first the parade - very small town Americana :) Liam loved running out to grab up the candy that was thrown. We also saw Mariel Hemingway, who her own float.

 We had made a lunch reservation at CKs Real Food, it was hot and crowded out, and it felt good to sit down in the shade and get out of the craziness. Maybe for the first time ever, nobody took a picture of their meal - we all had really yummy food - I finally got to try a Bahn Mi and I loved it! Carolina was still sporting her patriotic sunglasses and enjoying some "fry-fries".
A few of us went to the antique fair, but Mom and I ended up sipping some cool drinks at the McDonalds 'cause it was so hot! We rested up at the condo and made some dinner before heading back to Hailey for the fireworks - Liam's favorite part being the glow-sticks. The sunset was a great pre-show!

It was a super fun-filled 4th!
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