Sun Valley Getaway: Ernest Hemingway's Grave

 On the last morning the kids woke up early, so the 4 of us snuck out and had breakfast at the Kneadery - a fairly famous breakfast place, and also the restaurant we saw Tom Hanks at several years ago. As soon as we were back we had to pack up for our 10am check-out time. I would've loved another walk, especially one along the river, to take a swim in the enormous pool, or rent some bikes for the bike trails - but without a room to come back to, those things were kind of out - I could've stayed another day I guess! We did get to do one more thing on the way out of town was visit the cemetery and site where Ernest Hemingway was buried - there were some interesting things on his grave stone.

Another gorgeous day and a beautiful drive home. Both kids fell asleep for most of the way, and it was easy-peasy. What a nice, relaxing trip - and such a good feeling to get out of the heat and humidity we'd been having - even just the change of scenery does something to refresh you! But, as always, we were happy to be home, and happy to each have our own rooms and beds ;)

I had to get my traditional souvenir - a mug, to remember the trip by!

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