Pin of the Week: Chocolate Zucchini Bread

The first time I'd ever had zucchini bread was a couple years ago, when a gal with a garden brought in
bunch of zucchinis to share at school and made a bunch of zucchini muffins as well. Before, my thought on the matter was "Why would someone ruin a perfectly good muffin with zucchini? What's the point?!" Well Point A: You have a bunch of it from your garden, and you don't want it to go to waste. Point B: Vegetables are vegetables, and if they can be disguised in chocolate (or any type of) bread, then why not? Since my garden yielded me 3 zucchini's already I got to work on Pinterest looking for ways to use them - are you shocked that I went with a chocolate bread first?
I don't know what zucchini does for bread (if anything)... I suppose about what carrots do, although I'd say zucchini has less of a flavor to it even. But I will say that this is a good recipe, I'm saving it, it's moist and yummy. I DID NOT add the walnuts, and I definitely DID add chocolate chips on top; maybe 1/4 cup, but I might add more next time :). Also I easily doubled the recipe so I could give some bread away! I'm thinking I will be making more breads and freezing them, in order to use all of my zucchini before it goes bad. Even if I end up giving them away (and I'm planning on it for some - even bought a mini loaf pan), zucchini will be put to good use!
 Here's the link!


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