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There's nothing much to say - just an update on our illness woes. This cold has been a nasty one, thankfully the kids are finally at the tail end of it (now that Carolina is on antibiotics for the ear infection that resulted). Todd's cough is still hanging on and he'll probably be the next to the doctor. I went today because on day two of my cold (dangit, I didn't knock on wood) my got all goopy and irritated, and today the doc told me it was pink eye. It's a funny little infection, it seems it's very contagious, but you don't have to catch it from anyone. It can come and go in a day, or 3 or a week. I'm certainly hoping I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be gone, especially because today it looks like I got punched in the face my eye is so swollen. Oh well. That's just hope we're getting all the germs in and out now so that none will pop up when we're in Cali in a week and a half. Oh yeh, and since the Spragues are coming for a visit on Sunday! Don't worry, this was only the dozenth time I've disinfected the house. It should be pretty sterile!
I haven't even taken any pictures to share - snotty, cranky kids aren't really in the mood to have their pictures taken. Can't believe I only have a little over 3 weeks left of summer break, and a lot of things to do before it's over!
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