Let's see, we haven't been too busy with anything special, just errands, chores, appointments, swimming, etc. etc. I've been checking off more chores from my "long-term" list... the little random things that have been needing to be done, but don't ever have priority - like installing a new hook for my hanging flower basket, organizing all the art supplies in the office, planting some flowers in the beds, next up cleaning up/out toys from the play room and hanging popcorn lights around the back porch and oh, about a million other things (as I sit here and think about it).
The garden has been keeping me busy this week too with weeding, watering, and now that things are actually starting to grow, harvesting! I got 3 zucchini, and a bunch of lettuce, kale, and basil - and I'm determined not to let any of it go to waste so I've set out to find recipes for all of it, for now and things to freeze for later. You'll be seeing a
bunch of Pins of the Week related to garden produce! Oh, and how do I get those stupid aphids to wash off of my kale, I tried vinegar and hot water, and they're dead but still stuck to it - yuck!
This week has been a little more busy/less going on because the kids are sick, particularly Carolina who is a constant snot-face mess. I would think it might be teething, but both kids have stuffy/runny noses and slight fevers, plus Carolina's voice is so hoarse (the bright side being that when she tries to scream, nothing comes out but air!). She's super cranky, and I basically can't take her anywhere. Now I think I might be getting it, and Todd's definitely getting it - and right before his birthday too. Oh well, let's get it out of the way before school starts.
AH! I don't want to get started on that, I'm starting to feel the pull to start planning, or purchasing supplies, but I've gotta keep reminding myself that there's still over a month of summer vacation left... it's just that it feelslikeitsgoingtoofastandbeforeIknowititwillbegoneandsummerisslippingthroughmyfingersahh!!!!!
See how tall this corn is... this is not a good sign,
it means fall is coming.

Moving on... when Carolina hasn't been feeling awful she and Liam are getting to be good friends - it warms this heart of mine to no end. He talks to her so sweetly, and she replies - she repeats what he says and does, for the most part they like to hang out together.
Eating breakfast in the bathroom so he can be with his sister.
Checking out bugs together.
"Scare-ah me!" is Carolina's new catch phrase, suddenly everything (really does not) scare her. For instance, she was poking Todd's belly-button laughing and then goes "Ah! Scare-ah me, bellybutton scare-ah me."
Other funny things have been, the "2,3,4,6,7,8, I DANCING!" (she does love to dance, really). As well as the sweet, laying her head on Liam and repeating "I love Ee-um!" over and over. Liam's cute bit this week was "Carolina, do you have Jesus in your heart" and Carolina replies "Yeh!"
Kind of freaking out about the car wash :)
Ahh, they are either just being precious, or a pain. Life. I can't believe Liam is signed up and ready to go to preschool 5 mornings a week, and then next summer we'll be getting ready for Kindergarten! Lina's looking and sounding and acting less and less like my baby, and definitely more like a big girl :'(
You know you're in Idaho when...

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