Pin of the Week: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

soft and crispy at the same time, just right
This pin had piqued my curiosity for quite a while. The bars looked amazingly delicious, but whole wheat? I've tried several things with whole wheat, usually to my failure, but as it happens I had exactly the right amount of whole wheat flour left for this recipe - as well as all of the other ingredients on hand, so it happened. Here's the pin for Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. It was funny that the recipe called for pecans, which I of course didn't add, but it sort of tasted like they were in there anyway - I guess that was the whole wheat flour. They had a very different taste than regular cookie bars, but they weren't tough are hard like I thought they'd be. They were a great texture and consistency - and warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream they were pretty heavenly. Not sure if they are actually any healthier than regular cookies, since there was no lack of sugar or chocolate in them, but I'm glad I made them and I know I would again!
chocolatey goodness

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