Pin(s) of the Week: Pork Tenderloin Marinade + Fruit Pizza + Pie Bars

This'll be a quick one, I didn't take many pictures, didn't have any difficulty with anything, and didn't make too many changes!
to start off, a few weeks ago I was designated birthday dessert maker for a few ladies at school - so I picked a Pinterest recipe of course! I was dumb and took no pictures, but they looked exactly as the website shows you. Technically these are a recipe for blackberry pie bars, but raspberries were less expensive, and I love raspberries. Guys, these were sooooo gooooood. And truly, really, easy and quick to make. Go make them!

Then, the other night I invited my parents over partly because it was the last night before they headed out of town for a few weeks+ and partly to celebrate their 40th anniversary with them. For this I used not one, but two Pinterest recipes! First of all was a recipe for pork tenderloin and the marinade/pan sauce. First time I've ever made a pork tenderloin - it came out perfectly, really tender and moist. As for the sauce, it was good, not oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-good good. I'd probably pay a little extra for the pre-marinaded ones next time, rather than going to the trouble of making this marinade - although it was nice to have the pan sauce to pour over the cut slices. Hm, something to think about. Here's the link to the pork tenderloin. I also made potatoes and salad and of course dessert! My mom and Linda have been making fruit pizzas forever, but I didn't have a recipe so I turned to the internet to find one. I ended up going with this one, for no particular reason. It was dang good! I just used the sugar cookie dough from the freezer section, as called for. As for changes to the recipe, I oopsies-added 4x the amount of sugar it called for (can't say it hurt it any though!) - oh and used powdered sugar instead of regular. I also used the zest from the lemon (which I had to juice to make the pork marinade), and mixed it into the cream cheese frosting, and last I skipped making the preserve drizzle on top - I don't love it - and it was probably for the better since the cream cheese frosting was extra sweet. Next time I'll focus less on making a cute pattern with the fruit, and more on just packing as much fruit on top as possible. It was really really good though, and I will undoubtedly make it again. Here's the fruit pizza link!

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